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The Stocks Essay Contest
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This annual competition - now in its fifth year - provides
all undergraduate students at YSU, regardless of major,
an opportunity to explore any economic policy. It is an
exercise in good writing and clear thinking, which are
valuable assets to any college graduate.

Write an essay on any current economic
topic relevant to society. The essay should
about 2,000 words in length (three
single-spaced pages; essays less than
1,600 and more than 2,400 words will not be
judged) and have a clearly defined economic
question which the author analyses from all
sides, and then suggests a policy solution
based on the arguments presented.

Any undergraduate student at YSU. Since
economic issues are not restricted to any
particular major, we strongly encourage
participation of students from all academic

1st place:
Kevin Hulick
(Economics and Political Science)
"The Perils of Law School - Rising
Costs and Bleak Prospects"

2nd place:
Barbara Neiswanger
(Human Resources Management)
"Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic
Fracturing and Shale Extraction -
Policy Analysis"

3rd place:
Lucas Benson
"The Leasing of the Ohio Turnpike"

Lindsay Allison (Pre-Business Mngt)
Jeff Bruno (Political Science)
Yusen Chen (Accounting)
Stephen Horvath (Economics)
Emma Kovacs (Integr. Language Arts)
Cory Okular (Economics and Pol. Sci.)
Albert Rainey (Accounting)

1st place:
Amanda Foster
"The correlation between home
sale prices and distance from the
Cleveland Hopkins International
Airport: an analysis of current
and suggested policies"

2nd place:
Michael Gans
"The economic impact of plastic
waste reduction policy: reducing
oceanic and landfill waste

3rd place:
Kevin Hulick
"State budget deficits: a growing
concern in our federalist

Nicole Barnett
Sepideh Khavari
Jordan Moy
Anthony Pallante
Erin Sturrus
Jonathan Zetts
Andrew Zunic

Ten finalists will be invited to the
Economics Department's year-end dinner
gala on Tuesday, April 30, where the
winners are announced.
This year's prizes are:
1st Place: $250
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $100
Plus selected gift cards.

To download the 2013 Stocks Essay Contest Poster, click here
Need a current topic or an article? Check out
The New York Times, online at Free paper copies also
available every weekday on the main floor of
DeBartolo Hall, compliments of CLASS.
Searching fo economics statistics? Check out
Resources for Economists. Click here.
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? A great idea! For more
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Tips on how to write a good essay: Read the
article "10 Ways to Develop Expository Writing
Skills With The New York Times
1st place:
Sepideh Khavari
"The economic impact of nuclear
plant disasters and accidents: from
the Oak Ridge reservation to the
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant"

2nd place:
Cory Okular
(Economics/Political science)
"There goes the neighborhood: the
Youngstown 2010 plan and

3rd place:
Barbara Neiswanger
(Human Resources Mngt)
"The socioeconomic impact of force
reduction and military installation

Chelsea Baker (Business Admin.)
Corinne Bocci (Spanish Education)
Todd Finn (Business Economics)
Kevin Hulick (Economics / Pol. Sci.)
Russ Lopez (Business Mngt)
John Shelby (Secondary education)
Mary Wheeler (Accounting)

1st place:
Jeff Layton
"The free market solution"

2nd place:
Daniel DeMaiolo
"An economic analysis on the
effects of outsourcing

3rd place:
Nicole Barnett
"Wal-mart: effects on urban

Katie Engle
Erin Griehs
Shawn Mulhall
Andrew B. Smith
Jonathan Zetts

UPDATE: The Results Are In - Congratulations to All Winners!

This was another banner year for the Stocks Essay Contest, also once again
benefiting from the help of the CLASS and
The New York Times in College
Program. We received eighty essays covering a multitude of economic topics
important to society. After a careful consideration, the contest jury chose twelve
finalists. The choice was not easy, and, in many cases the difference between
making and not making the final was razor-thin. This year's finalists, and the top
three prize winners, are:

Chelsea Baker* (Business Economics) 3rd PLACE
"Could the Benefits Possibly Outweigh the Costs? Analysis of the
Benefits of Granting Illegal Immigrants Amnesty Versus the Cost"

Lucas Benson* (Economics) 1st PLACE
"Charter School: A Drill of Comparative Data"

Corinne Bocci* (Business Economics & Spanish)
"Spanish Labor Market Conditions and Unemployment"

Samuel Cervone* (Business Economics)
"Collapsing Auto Industry or Collapsing Government Policy?"

William Cochran* (Economics & Anthropology) 2nd PLACE
"Regulating Care: The Effect of Regulation and Market Structure on
Nursing Home Care Quality"

William Cochran* (Economics & Anthropology)
"The Effects of Health Care Staffing Requirements on Labor Market Outcomes"

Brian Darcy* (Applied Mathematics)
"Tax Rates and Revenue: Optimizing the Tax Revenue Collected by the

Robert Grahovac* (Management)
"School Vouchers"

Vincent Lucente* (Physical Science)
"How Important is Federal Funding to Progress in Stem Cell Research"

Michael Mistovich* (Political Science)
"The Current Education Dilemma"

Jordan Pennel *(Political Science)
"Market Failures: Mahoning River Pollution"

Heather Tsai* (Management)
"Capital Punishment: A Suffering Society"

On behalf of the Stocks Essay Committee and the YSU Economics
Department, we would like to thank you for your participation in this
year's contest, and encourage you to keep up your good work in writing
and the study of issues important to society. One way to further
improve your skills is to stay current with economics. Many of our
classes have a specific writing component and all of them deal with a
critical analysis of issues affecting our everyday lives. If you have
any questions about what economics has to offer, please contact any of
our faculty members or go to our website at


The Stocks Essay Committee
(Dr. Tomi Ovaska, Ms. Sarah Jenyk, Dr. Yaqin Wang)